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opening ceremony at the clinic

children watching operation
children helping at the clinic
Our most exciting news - a permanent clinic in Ethiopia

In 2011 the Fund was successful in opening a permanent eye clinic named The Fiona Dolan Eye Clinic.

In October 2012 Fiona's family made the long trip out to the clinic to officially open it. Their experience was wonderful and the photos show how they became involved in cleaning the clinic, helping to look after the patients, observing the operations and making friends. Different language was no barrier!

The clinic is in Dembi Dollo, a small village near the western border of Ethiopia. An agreement has been made with the local authorites: the Fund will equip the Clinic and send doctors out to operate, bringing medical supplies with them and in return an Ethiopian ophthalmic nurse is appointed to work permanently in the clinic.

Cataract blindness is a serious problem in Ethiopia. It affects all ages. Often it is the breadwinner of a family who has become blind and this impacts on the life of a family. The good news is that a relatively straightforward operation can be done to remove the cataract and insert a plastic lens. The operation is done one day, the dressing is removed the next day and the patients are sent home with eye drops to use. When a team of our doctors makes a visit out to the clinic for a week, hundreds of people make their way, often from hundreds of miles away, to queue up to be assessed and then operated on. So far several hundreds of patients have had their eyesight restored. From now on we hope to fund a team of doctors to go out to the clinic twice each year. We appreciate very much the fact that our doctors give their time free of charge for this. Conditions are not easy. In the clinic the supply of electricity and running water is intermittent and the living conditions are basic. The warm welcome given to the doctors and nurses, however, is gratifying.

This has been a very special achievement in Fiona's memory.  
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        children and new friends  Steven and local nurses