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Botswana June/July 2017
Ian McCormick, optometrist

 The project was ‘A Review of Spectacle Compliance and its Determinants in a School Vision Screening pilot in Botswana’ . My project entailed 4 weeks of unannounced school visits to check compliance with spectacle wear… I followed up 193 children across 19 schools, and data on gender, age, school level, visual acuity and refractive error were analysed.. I would like to thank Steven, and everyone else involved with Fiona’s Eye Fund, for helping me to contribute to this innovative child eye health programme.        Read more >>

Thai/Burma border  May 2017
Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai and Dr Simon Hewick
We witnessed and experienced firsthand the practicalities of performing ‘high volume’ surgery, in basic but optimized conditions, and
saw how it was eminently possible to set-up a cataract operating unit in basic set-up whilst still maintaining high standards of care.We were truly inspired by this trip and by the ceaseless work that Mr Green and his team are doing. … We would like to thank the trustees of the Fiona Dolan fund for sponsoring part of the trip and giving us the opportunity to improve the lives of those in need.
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Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai

Malawi September 2016
Dr Aaron Jamison 
In September 2016 I travelled to the LSFEH to help deliver the 6th annual paediatric ophthalmology training course….We hope to publish this data so that we can offer outsiders a window into the working life of a paediatric ophthalmology service providing cataract surgery in Africa…..I would like to thank Fiona’s Eye Fund for their support, without which this work would not have been possible.
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    Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai
  Thai/Burma Border August 2016
Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai                        The new Mae Tao clinic is in Mae Sot, Thailand on the border with Myanmar (Burma) and aims to provide much needed medical care to the marginalized Burmese refugees living at a number of camps along the border. ..Overall, I performed 23 SICS, 3 pterygium excisions and autografts, and 3 chalazion drainage operation….. I would like to thank the trustees of the Fiona Dolan fund ........ 
Ethiopia January 2016
Senior ophthalmic nurse Ergate Ayana                                                                    Fiona’s Eye Fund set up an eye camp at Assella Arsi southeast of Addis in January 2016. The team was led by Dr John Murdoch and consisted of 5 ophthalmologists and 5 nurses. The Assella camp was one of our most successful eye missions......We operated on 225 patients within four and half days........This mission achieved another objective which is in our mission statements and that is teaching local trainees. ........The Ethiopian people expressed their thanks to Fiona’s Eye fund for all their help.
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Egypt  January 2016
Dr Mahmoud Radwan                     I applied for a grant from Fiona’s Eye Fund to support my trip to Baladi foundation eye clinic, a non governmental organisation based in Aswan, Egypt . The aim of this trip was to help the local community in Aswan in management of glaucoma in both adults and kids as we know that glaucoma is more aggressive in Africa than in Europe ….. I had the opportunity to perform a large variety of ophthalmological procedures and gain experience from the team. Many thanks to the trustees of the Fiona Dolan Fund for supporting my attendance
S Africa  January 2016
Dr Conrad Schmoll
The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town is a busy, state-run quaternary paediatric hospital…I attended 24 main theatre sessions and had the opportunity to perform 9 paediatric cataract procedures and assist in a further 8. I encountered complex pathology, including congenital rubella, congenital syphilis, Marfan syndrome and microphthalmia. I also had the opportunity to perform 27 squint procedures, 3 penetrating eye trauma emergency repairs, along with numerous oculoplastic, lacrimal and minor procedures… I would like to thank Fiona’s Eye Fund for their generous support of this unpaid clinical fellowship
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Tanzania Nov 2014                  Laura Todd (Orthoptic support worker) 
I was part of the Rotary/NHS Fife team which travelled to Patandi college in Arusha, northern Tanzania to teach tutors visual screening, albinism awareness and low vision rehabilitation..........    Over the course of the visit we tested over 125 children, the majority affected by albinism. Most of the children had poor vision, photophobia and/or strabismus, nystagmus and cataracts. After assessment each child received specialist filter glasses and a low vision device ......... 

Ethiopia  Nov 2014
Nurse Fiona Freeland
Sekota like so many rural towns lacks basic rural eye care and had as far as we were aware never received any help from outside charities....I think everyone on the trip was overwhelmed with the numbers of people who turned up............
Claire Dolan, Fiona Dolan's sister

This was my first trip with Fiona's Fund..... We have all learned many things from this trip and although it was very challenging it was also rewarding and amazing. This trip has been an emotional one for me and it brings me great joy to witness the achievements that my sister's fund has made                                                     Read more>>

Dr John Murdoch

Nepal December 2013
Dr Swetha Jeganathan
I had the opportunity to examine more tyhan 1000 patients an perform 17 small incision cataracts.... There is something humbling about performing cataract surgery in rural Nepal. Patients often originate from remote regions to attend clinics or outreach camps .......

Ethiopia  May 2013
Report by ophthalmic nurse Fiona Freeland
This was my fourth trip to Dembi Dollo with Fiona's Eye Fund.
Our target for the week was to do as many cataract operations as possible. As always our first day is spent unpacking, setting up theatre, assessing patients .....  Hopefully passing on our knowledge and skills will go a little way to improving the lack of basic eye care in Ethiopia.  
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Docs operating

Malawi  January 2013    
Dr Rishi Sharma    .. the complexity of the cases was far greater than anything most of us will ever see in this country....  we managed to perform 14   surgeries.. The difference we made to these patients...was amazing to see. I would very much like to thank the Trustees of the Fiona Dolan Fund.. It has helped me tremendously in making the decision to return to my home country to set up a VR service there     Read more >>
Ethiopia  October 2012
Drs Murdoch, Tarafdar Saidkasimova, nurses Freeland, McGlaughlin Wilson. Report by Steven Hay.
This was the third trip we have funded to the Fiona Dolan Clinic. This time our children joined the trip to help open the clinic
officially.. The family were interviewed on Ethiopian TV to  mark the opening of the clinic.       

Thai/Burma  Sept/Oct 2012
Dr Kurt Spiteri Cornish  
In the first week we performed surgery on 64 ..  On Sunday we travelled hundreds of miles to one of the eye camps in the southern part of the border.... we operated on 27 patients.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trustees of the Fiona Dolan Fund
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Tanzania  September 2012
Dr David Yorston 
Dr Yorston applied to the
Fiona Dolan Fund for funding not for his own expenses but for equipment which was needed in this hospital, such as silicone oil, heavy liquid, MVR blades disposable forceps and scissors.  

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Doc examining patient

Indonesia  March 2012
Dr Zia Karim
I had the opportunity to supervise local trainees on the VR and cataract simulator, give lectures in the FEH classroom and moderate live surgery sessions....
I dedicate my ORBIS wings to Fiona who, like an older sister, held my hand as I was beginning my journey in Ophthalmology. Thank you, Fiona
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Benin, Africa  April 2012
 Dr Lik Thai Lim  Hospital St andre De Tinre, a  missionary  eye  hospital.. Accomodation is very  basic, with electricity  encountering regular power  cuts..I managed to perform 25 trabeculectomies and 10  SICS,  with good results to  date..  I would like to  thank the Fiona  Dolan Fund                                                          
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patients waiting

Ethiopia January 2012
Ergate Ayana
Our team of 4 doctors and 5 nurses set up an eye camp..
500 people walked up to 250 miles to get help..260 people were treated in operations to remove their damaged eye lens and replace it with an artificial one.. able to see properly for the first time in many years. It is a joyous experience to see their reactions.. 
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Swaziland May 2011
Dr Conrad Schmoll
Swaziland has a population of
around one million .. There is
 1% prevalence of blindness..
 the positive impact of cataract surgery extends well beyond the patients themselves and into the welfare of the wider community. ...   I would like to gratefully acknowledge the Fiona Dolan Fund for making this trip possible
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Nigeria October 2012
Dr Rosie Brennan 
 Thank you again for your support of our project aiming to improve outcomes for children in Kano, Nigeria with sight problems.
Thanks to the trustees of the
Fiona Dolan Fund for supporting my attendance at the Kenya Retinoblastoma strategy group meeting in September    
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Malawi September 2012
Dr Shyamanga Boorah
My main aims during this trip
were to help strengthen the links between Scotland and Malawi and to learn the sutureless extracapsular cataract extraction technique.. I saw approx 6 post ops, 12 review patients and 12 new patients every morning ... I would like to thank the Fiona Dolan fund for sponsoring the visit.                        
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Doc watching op
Tanzania  May 2010
Dr Taha Y. Ahmed
It was a privilege to receive a
grant from the Fiona Dolan
Fund towards my trip to Dar Al
Salam... I performed 38 cases during my 2-week visit, the majority of which were cataracts, the commonest cause of blindness in Africa. Words cannot express how rewarding the visit was.                           
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Ethiopia   January 2010
Dr Heather Russell
A grant from the Fiona Dolan Fund enabled me to take part in this trip.. Every morning we were met with a waiting room full of people who had travelled for miles for surgery – some as far as 600km.. Many patients ‘praised God’ and us for giving them their sight back .. several letting out cries of sheer joy when their dressings were removed…    
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patients waiting for op
  Tanzania  March 2009
Dr Fook Chang Lam          
I was privileged to have the chance of working at (CCBRT) disability hospital in Dar es Salaam. Each day children of all ages and adults present at CCBRT from across Tanzania, some having travelled for days. .. I was involved in performing cataract operations, repairing penetrating eye injuries and operating on children with squints….. I also had the opportunity to assist in research…… this visit has exposed to me to the challenges that healthcare professionals in Africa face in challenging socioeconomic circumstances and an underdeveloped national infrastructure.       Read more>>

Ethiopia  January 2009
Dr Suzannah Drummond   The hospital’s “Eye Clinic” was  a series of basic rooms, with no running water…….  Altogether, we performed 298 operations over the 7 days ..The operations were challenging both due to the advanced disease in the patients and the poor resources ...The trip was utterly exhausting but extremely enjoyable and rewarding. I would do it again in an instant.        Read more>>