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October 2017

We are delighted to announce that our wonderful team of 5 surgeons and 6 nurses has returned today from a very successful trip to Nekemte, Ethiopia. After a delay of a year caused by political issues in Ethiopia, Fiona's Eye Fund has been back running a cataract eye camp.

Cataract blindness is a huge problem in Ethiopia and eye care is not available to many. Our team arrived with 12 extra large cases of equipment and medical supplies, set up 4 operating tables and started work.

5 days later 211 people who had been blinded by cataracts had their sight restored.

We have photographs to show and interesting and moving accounts to tell. These will be put up on the website very soon.

Meanwhile we congratulate and thank the team of Dr John Murdoch, Dr Susannah Drummond, Dr Lennox Webb, Dr Tsveta Ivanova, Dr Aws Al-Hity, and nurses Fiona Freeland, Kirsty Follett, Diane Harrison, David McGall, Sahai Gebremedhin and Ergate Ayana.

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