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Please contact us for bank details, address for cheques and Gift Aid form 


Please send a short description of your intended trip,
providing us with the following information:


  • Where and when you are going and what you hope to achieve while there,
    listing the medical procedures you intend to undertake.

  • How your trip will benefit eye care in the local area

  • Details of the host institution including acknowledgement from them that they are expecting you and what your role will be while you are there.

  • Estimate of the costs of the trip and how much funding you are applying for.

  • Details of any other source of funding you have applied to.

Please send the above information and a current CV  

If you are successful in your application you will expected to send us a short report of your trip evaluating how  the trip went relative to your objectives prior to going. See webpages for examples of past trips

Steven Hay

Dr Suzannah Drummond (Consultant Ophthalmologist)
Moira McLaughlan( Senior Nurse)
Margo Hay
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