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Report of first trip to outreach medical posts in inaccessible area of Nepal

Excerpt from report of first trip to outreach eyecare posts in Nepal

December 2023
The team was Dr Zac Koshy, Dr John Murdoch, Senior nurses Moira McLaughlan and Kirsty Follett.
A 3hr ride in a 4x4 on a dirt track across passes and valleys drove home the accessibility issue. Indeed, every morning during the post-ops there was a near unanimous response from these patients that they would not have been able to make the ride to Dhulikhel Hospital for surgery.On day 1 we arrived late morning at KTM, reached DH by late afternoon and had an evening of rest. On day 2 after a walk around DH (we found their ethos inspiring and the work they do impressive) and familiarisation with the team we drove up to Bolde and set up camp, stores and theatre. This was followed by 3 days of pre/post-ops and operating. On day 6 after post ops and packing up, we did the return trip via Dhulikhel for a late night return flight. We very much appreciated the opportunity to relax and refresh on that evening before heading to the airport.Besides the operating, there was plenty of teaching. Moira and Kirsty made significant changes to protocols to align with safer practice, the ophthalmic technician, resident and visiting medical student learnt different anaesthetic techniques, and we learnt Dr Angira's technique of doing a pterygium excision. So there is plenty of scope for more training and education.All of this was done in the backdrop of spectacular countryside and endearing hospitality. All in all, it was a very satisfying trip for us.

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