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The Story of karenaid

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Report by Trustees of karenaid

karenaid is a small Christian charity set up over 25 years ago to support a variety of healthcare, welfare and educational projects along the Thai-Burmese border among a number of ethnic groups, including the Karen, Karenni, and Mon. As a result of ongoing attacks from the Burmese army, many have been driven from their homes. In the midst of this conflict karenaid has sought to serve, unconditionally, people of any ethnicity, tribe or religion. Eye surgery has been the main emphasis of its work, and due to links with local people it has also been able to respond to local needs which do not attract media attention. Although only a small charity, it has made a huge difference to individual lives and communities. Doctors Frank Green, an eye surgeon, and Phillip Ambler a GP, set up the charity karenaid which has funded and maintained a clinic on the Thai border, first at Mae Sot and now at San Jai Dee (Three Pagoda Pass).  During this time thousands of people have been treated for eye problems, and many cataract surgeries have been performed. Both doctors spent many weeks each year working at the clinic. Local people have been trained up to support the work, in particular senior nurse Goong Satja Nadek whose role is invaluable in supervising the clinic. Sadly Dr Frank Green died in 2018 but, with Dr Phillip Ambler's continuing presence, the work of karenaid will continue in his memory as the Trustees of karenaid now hand over to Fiona's Eye Fund.

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Report by Trustees of Fiona's Eye Fund

The Trustees of Fiona's Eye Fund are delighted to accept this opportunity. The Fund has admired and valued the work of karenaid  for many years. We have also had an association with the Charity.  In 2016, 2017 and 2019, two of our regular team of doctors, Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai and Dr Simon Hewick,  travelled to the clinic in Thailand  and performed cataract and other surgery. We thank karenaid for all that they have achieved. We feel privileged to carry this work on.  

Dr Simon Hewick.webp

  Dr Simon Hewick

Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai

  Dr Lai-Yeung Ngai

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Mae Tao clinic, Thailand

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Dr Frank Green.

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