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In March of this year we will take over the wonderful work of the Karenaid Charity in funding doctors to give eye care to the ethnic groups including the Karen, Karenni, and Mon who live on the border between Thailand and Myanmar.  


2018 was the tenth anniversary of the fund and we have started a new project. We are funding an outreach project whereby a small team of Ethiopian eye care workers based in Nekemte will travel once every year to 6 outreach posts in the wider rural area. In each place they will set up camp for one week and complete as many eye procedures as possible for people who would otherwise be unable to access eye care. 

The first camp was in Gimbi, Ethiopia, and achieved:
93 Cataract operations and 5 other surgeries performed 
2759 other procedures completed.

The second camp was in Gada Ayana, Ethiopia:
203 Cataract operationsand 24 other operations performed

317other procedures completed.

The third camp was in Wayo, Horro Guduru Zone, Ethiopia:

72 Cataract operations and15 other operations performed

679 other procedures completed.


DembiDollo 2012 122.jpg

We are following the development of an interesting new device being produced by PEEK VISION called PEEK RETINA.  It is a compact portable microscope which attaches to a mobile phone and allows retinal images of an eye to be captured on the phone. Prototypes of the device are being tested and final adjustments being made. The Fund is interested as it will be a hugely useful tool for screening patients for possible cataract surgery in their homes in remote rural areas in countries such as Ethiopia.

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