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Fiona's Eye Fund

Help us restore eyesight

Thousands of people in developing countries suffer from cataract blindness but have very little access to eye care. Fiona's Eye Fund enables UK doctors and nurses to spend time in these countries performing sight restoring cataract operations.

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Cataract camps in Ethiopia

In countries such as Ethiopia, cataract blindness affects thousands of people of all ages. In rural areas there is very little access to eye care. We fund teams of eye doctors and nurses to travel to Ethiopia for a week once a year to set up an eye camp in a rural area and perform cataract operations.

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Clinics on border of

On the border between Myanmar and Thailand live thousands of refugees. Ongoing attacks by the Myanmar army have driven many from their homes and they have no access to eyecare. For over 25 years the charity Karenaid provided eyecare in clinics on the Thai/Myanmar border.  Now Fiona's Eye Fund has undertaken to continue this work. We fund two or more doctors to visit the clinics twice a year to operate on cataracts and give other eye care.

 Funded Projects

We award funding to individual doctors if we feel that their projects satisfy the remit of the fund and will improve eye care in a developing area. We have funded doctors to go to Tanzania, Malawi, Swaziland, Benin, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Egypt, Nigeria and Indonesia.

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Fiona's Eye Fund was set up in memory of Dr Fiona Dolan, formerly a Specialty Registrar in Ophthalmology, Glasgow. When Fiona died in 2007 aged 36,  colleagues friends and family set up this fund to enable doctors to travel to developing  countries to improve eye care.

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